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Performance & Bench-marking tests

Product Reliability

Product Function

  • 寿命测试 (Life test)
  • 潮态测试 (Humidity test)
  • 防水测试 (Water-proof test)
  • 防尘测试 (Dust test)
  • 盐雾测试 (Salt spray test)
  • 抗化学品测试 (Chemical resistance test)
  • 抗冷 / 热测试 (Cool/hot temperature resistance test)
  • 加热功能检查 (Heating function check)
  • 切削搅拌功能检查 (for motor appliance function check)
  • 混合功能检查 (Mixing function check)
  • 定时功能检查 (Timing function check)
  • 能耗测试 (Energy consumption test)

Mechanical Characteristics

Physical Characteristics

  • 冲击测试 (Impact test)
  • 跌落测试 (Drop test)
  • 振动测试 (Vibration test)
  • 强度测试 (Strength test)
  • 稳定性测试 (Stability test)
  • 灯具的光通量 , 流明维持 , 染色性 , 色温 , 色质 , 现色性指数 , 发光效率
  • 尺寸 / 重量测试 (Dimension/Weight measurement)
  • 外观检查 (Aesthetics inspection)
  • 结构检查 (Construction review)


Electric & Electronic Characteristics

Product Identification:

  • 电器安全测试 Electric safety test
  • 电磁兼容测试 EMC/FCC test
  • 铭牌检查 (Marking and label check)
  • 说明书检查 (Instruction check)
  • 包装检查 (Package check)

三文治炉寿命测试 / Sandwich maker life test

油炸锅寿命测试 / Deep fryer life test

榨汁机寿命测试 / Blender life test

微波炉多杯测试 / multiple cups test

除霜测试 /Defrosting test

微波炉功率输出测试 /power output test

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