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2011 UL Follow Up Services fees

Dear Customer

In order to assist you with your planning, I would like to inform you of the changes to the 2011 fees associated with our Follow-Up Services program.  The 2011 UL Follow Up Services fees will generally reflect a 2.9 percent increase.  
/ 为方便您提早做计划,我们特此通知您2011 年UL 的跟踪检验服务(Follow-Up Services, 简称FUS)项目的相关费用变化。UL 2011 年度跟踪检验服务费用将上调2.9%。

These fee changes will take effect on January 1, 2011 and will apply to the following services:  
/ 本次费用调整将适用于以下各项服务:

● Annual Maintenance – Ongoing maintenance and review of customer files.  
/ 年度维护 -- 用以支持客户档案的持续维护和定期检查。这些费用适用于每个制造场所,并且根据记录在案的档案数量计算。

● Factory Inspection – Field representative visits a customer’s manufacturing facility to assess whether UL certified products meet applicable product safety requirements.  
/ 工厂检验 —- UL 工厂检验人员拜访客户的制造工厂,以确定已经过UL 认证的产品持续符合相关的产品安全要求。

● Labeling – Application of a UL Mark to a product.  
/ 标签 -— 产品使用UL 标志。

● Sample Testing – Component or end product samples tested on a periodic basis, as part of our surveillance program.  
/ 样品测试 -— 根据工厂检验计划,UL 会定期测试零部件或成品的样品,这是UL 后续监督项目的重要一环。

● Multiple Listing and Alternate Listing – Products certified for one company are produced for marketing under the name of another company.
/多重列名费(ML 费)和交替列名费(AL 费) -- 当UL 客户的产品已贴有UL 标签,并允许其它公司名称出现在其产品上(如私有标签)时,则需支付ML 和AL 费。

If you would like to receive an estimate of your 2011 Follow Up Services fees or you have any other questions regarding these fees, please contact our customer service professionals who are available to assist you.  To locate the contact information for a customer service professional in your area please go to www.ul.com/china.
/上述各项服务费用的调整,将自2011 年1 月1 日起正式生效。
若您希望收到您2011 年FUS 预估费用或有其他疑问,可访问 www.ul.com/chinwww.china,查找您当地的UL 客户服务人员联系方式。

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